Car Accidents


Car accidents are inconvenient and stressful at best, and devastating in catastrophic cases. In these situations, knowledge is power, so learn about when to seek legal counsel after an accident and what the settlement process looks like by contacting AZ Hometown Lawyers to answer more questions about your personal situation. Call us now at (602) 495-1005


It’s not obvious to most people when they need to contact an attorney after a car accident. In a 2016 study from the Insurance Research Council, researchers found that nearly half (49%) of survey participants who consulted a lawyer after a car accident only did so because of a recommendation from a family member, friend, or doctor. If you or a loved one is ever involved in a car accident, please contact our firm as soon as possible for a free legal consultation. There are two reasons why speaking to an attorney is important for your rights.  

Firstly, in Arizona, there is a time limit from the date of the accident in which you have the opportunity to make a legal claim. After this statute of limitations, you cannot file a lawsuit even if you have a valid claim. That means you must speak to an attorney, prepare parts of your case, and file a lawsuit all within a set period of time, so getting started immediately allows enough time to properly make your case. 

Secondly, any evidence, injuries, and witness testimonies are important to record as close to the actual incident as possible for accuracy and detail. Photos of the vehicle, location, and injuries will help illustrate the situation clearly, along with fresh memories from all parties involved and witnesses on the scene. Time makes these things harder to find, remember, or prove, so we recommend making an appointment to see our legal team as soon as you are able.  


In most situations, it’s possible to reach a settlement outside of court (i.e., without a trial), if all parties agree to a financial resolution instead of leaving the matter in the hands of a judge. The first step is to send a formal demand letter with the help of your attorney to lay out your case—often to the insurance provider of the liable party. Then both sides will begin negotiations to reach a final settlement. During this process, having a skilled attorney on your side will help you clarify facts and secure the most compensation possible for your pain and suffering.


In Arizona, of the total number of motor vehicle accidents in 2017 (over 127,000), most of them were car accidents (compared to trucking accidents or motorcycle crashes, for example). Nearly one-third of all accidents involved some type of injury, making these situations all too common in our state. AZ Hometown Lawyers are committed to advocating for clients who were injured as a result of aggressive or distracted driving, drunk and impaired driving, rear-end collisions and more.

With over a 100 years of experience serving Arizona, our legal team is well equipped to guide you through the specific situations related to whiplash injuries, uninsured drivers, and drunk drivers and identify and calculate pain and suffering damages.


Involved in a car accident? The AZ Hometown Lawyers are here to help. Call us for a consultation at (602) 495-1005 if you’ve had any of the following types of accidents: 

  • Aggressive driving  
  • Chain reaction or multi-vehicle  
  • Distracted driving  
  • Drunk and impaired driving  
  • Elderly driver  
  • Failure to yield  
  • Head-on collision 
  • Hit and run  
  • Mechanical malfunction   
  • Rollover  
  • Side impact  
  • Teen driver