Accidents Caused by Rain/Inclement Weather

Phoenix, just like the rest of Arizona, is known for getting plenty of rain during the summer monsoons. Rain leads to wet, slick roads, which can make roads dangerous for motorists. In fact, when it rains, statistics show that the number of car accidents increases.

All drivers are supposed to be smart and drive safely in hazardous weather conditions. However, even the most cautious drivers can slip up when presented with difficult situations on the road. When an auto accident happens in the rain, there is usually a liable party.

Can a Driver be at Fault if Rain Caused an Accident?

A driver can still be at fault for a car accident even if the rain was to blame for their mishap. If it is raining heavily, drivers still have a duty of care to ensure that they are driving at a safe speed and avoiding other vehicles, pedestrians, and any obstacles on the road.

As a result of that duty of care, if a driver was acting irresponsibly behind the wheel and got into an accident with another vehicle, they are responsible and can be sued for compensation by the other driver.

For example, if a car is following too closely behind another vehicle during a heavy rainstorm and fails to slow down while approaching a red light, it may strike the other vehicle from behind. As a result, the driver who rear-ended the other car would be responsible for compensating the front driver for any damages, including personal injuries.

Claims Against Drivers in Spite of Weather

A driver can be considered responsible and at fault for a car wreck in the rain, which means that anyone who experiences such a situation should immediately exchange insurance information with the other driver. It’s also wise to retain a skilled personal injury attorney who has experience with car accidents caused by rain. Lawyers have the experience and knowledge necessary to be successful when dealing with insurance companies to get the maximum compensation for their clients’ medical bills, vehicle damage, lost wages and pain and suffering.

How Does Rain Cause an Accident?

Rainy conditions can cause several risky situations on the road. First and foremost, it causes the roads to become slick. Because of this issue, drivers should always slowdown in the rain. Hydroplaning can occur when a car speeds in rainy conditions and is one of the chief reasons why accidents occur in the rain.

Poor visibility is another major factor when it rains. Drivers have more difficulty seeing the road ahead of them, especially when rainfall is heavy. It can result in drivers not being able to discern how close other cars are and make braking more difficult, which can make for a disastrous situation.

Lastly, flash floods are a common occurrence in Arizona, so always be cautious when entering a wash or a roadway that has large dips.  These areas can retain water or become the point of a flash flood.

Arizona Rain Accident Lawyers

Our advice to you if there is inclement weather outside, give yourself more travel time to get to your destination, keep your headlights on, drive below the speed limit to give yourself ample time to stop due to traffic backup and make it safely to your destination. If you are unfortunately involved in an auto accident while driving in a rainstorm or thunderstorm in Arizona, please call The AZ Hometown Lawyers at (602) 495-1005 for a free case evaluation so we can assist you and your family.

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