Who’s at Fault in a Single-Car Accident?

Most car accident crashes involve two or more cars. But there are times when an accident may involve your car only. Suppose you swerve to avoid an animal in the road and end up slamming into a building. Who is at fault for such an accident?

Single car accidents are not always the car driver’s fault. There are numerous cases where the car driver isn’t responsible at all for the traffic accident. If you’ve been involved in a single-car accident, consult with a lawyer. These experts will analyze the circumstances surrounding your case and fight for your rights. Here are other issues that could cause single-car accidents.

Improperly maintained roads

A common cause of vehicle accidents, particularly during inclement weather, is poor roads. Driving can be very challenging whenever it snows or rains. For instance, your car can slide off the road, causing an accident.

There are different arguments that might arise and make the car driver responsible for the accident. Notably, the court will determine whether the car driver could have done anything to prevent the incident. If the court finds a reasonable driver would have driven slower or carefully to prevent such an incident, the accused (car driver) may be held liable.

Another car driver’s negligence

A single-vehicle accident can also occur due to another vehicle driver’s negligent choices. Suppose you are driving on the highway and another driver shows up on the wrong side of the road. They might cause you to swerve in an attempt to avoid hitting them and unfortunately end up causing an accident.

In this case, the other driver may be held liable for the incident. You need an experienced lawyer to conduct in-depth investigations early and help you prove that another driver was to blame for the incident.

Mechanical failure

Suppose your car’s braking system failed or suffered any other form of mechanical failure. As a result, you caused an accident. The chances are that you will not be held responsible for the accident. However, you must prove that mechanical failure was not caused by improper vehicle maintenance.

In accident cases where the primary cause was a car’s mechanical failure, it’s usually challenging to determine who was responsible for the incident. It may be necessary to seek the help of a qualified engineer and experienced lawyers who can work together to investigate the primary cause of the accident.

Obstacles in the roadway

Obstacles such as animals, stalled vehicles, or even pedestrians, can cause single-vehicle accidents. For example, the vehicle driver can strike another object or slide off the road in an attempt to avoid the obstacle. Keep in mind that you must prove that you were not aware of the obstacle in the roadway until it was too late to avoid it safely.


It is challenging to determine who was at fault in a single-vehicle accident. However, an experienced car accident lawyer can carefully analyze the circumstances surrounding your accident case, guide you through in-depth investigations, and help you retain the right expert witnesses whenever necessary. If you’ve been involved in a single car accident, contact AZ Hometown Lawyers at (602) 495-1005.



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