Rear-End Motorcycle Accidents Have Fatal Consequences

Motorcyclists normally suffer serious injury and grievous wounds from accidents with a passenger or commercial vehicle, but rear-end collisions could kill the biker as he or she flies off the motorcycle. The devastating effects could cause life-altering injuries and extensive property damage for the driver of a motorcycle.

When a person driving a motorcycle is hit from behind, he or she may experience the common injuries that accompany an accident for a biker. These include road rash from sliding on the cement or pavement, neck and head injuries, damage to the back and brain trauma from forceful movements to the head. If the driver does not wear a helmet or knee or elbow pads, the injuries are often more severe, or the incident could include death. The particularly dangerous aspect is the possibility that the biker will fly from his seat and crash into something that will kill him due to the collision from behind.

Head Trauma

Forceful movements to the head often cause whiplash, concussions and brain damage. The severe force of a person flying from a motorcycle and crashing into something could severely wound the brain from the trauma caused to the head. If the person survives the incident, he or she could suffer from neurological damage or impairments that affect him or her throughout the rest of his or her life. Additional problems that could occur include amnesia in a temporary or permanent capacity and memory issues with short-term storing of memories. Motor skills and sensory input are also affected by the accident.

Damage to the Back

While head trauma is grievous in many incidents, the back damage is often just as extensive and difficult to recover from with the collision. When the biker suffers from a rear-end accident, he or she is often flown off the bike into the pavement or ground. In at least some of these incidents, the biker will land on his or her back. Injury in this area could paralyze the victim, sever the spinal column or break various bones. If the spine disconnects at the wrong area, the motorcyclist will die. The trauma is generally too severe to recover from, and this person may lose his or her life before emergency services are even able to respond.

The Rear-End Collision Explained

While the dangers to the biker are many, it is important to understand what a rear-end collisions does to the person on the bike. These accidents may occur both in the city or on the roads outside of town. The higher risk of injury occurs through a rear-end where the passenger or commercial vehicle slams into the motorcycle. The point of impact normally causes the person on the bike to pitch forward, and with enough force, he or she will fly off the motorcycle. The first impact may harm the person enough even if he or she remains on the bike. This happens through forceful trauma and forces the body to move without prompting.

Death from the Accident

Because the motorcyclist does not have the same protections on his or her bike as those in a passenger or commercial vehicle, a single collision from any direction could kill the driver. The force from behind him or her could toss him or her off the motorcycle. The impact from the flight into an object or another vehicle could sever the spinal cord, break the skull or cause severe internal damage that the driver cannot recover from. The death that occurs could happen suddenly or during the wait for emergency medical services. The injuries are often extensive and could kill the biker after a short time.

Other Injuries

When the biker is driving on the road or in a city, someone may rear-end him or her. If he or she is able to remain on the bike, he or she could suffer from forceful trauma to other parts of the body. To keep from flying off the bike, he or she may use different limbs to stop the flight. This could break hands, arms or legs. Lacerations from motorcycle damage could open parts of the body to bleed excessively.

The Motorcyclist’s Lawyer

When suffering from a rear-end accident, the biker may need to hire a lawyer to recover damages from the incident. He or she may need time to recover and compensation to pay for the healthcare treatment. If he or she needs assistance from a lack of work, he or she will need a lawyer to pursue a case.

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