Month: February 2020

Electric Scooter Injuries Jumped 200% In Last 4 Years

The number of electric scooter accidents has exploded since they hit’ the scene in 2016 Companies such as Bird, Lime, Lyft, Razor and Spin have placed thousands of electric scooters on city sidewalks throughout the country. Cities are scrambling to enact legislation to regulate electric scooters and provide protections to those who are injured by…

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Motorcycle Collisions Don’t Always Involve Another Vehicle

As Of 2019, there were nearly Seven million motorcycles registered in the US.’ In Arizona, there were more than 150,000 motorcycles registered in 2008. In than 3.0m were injured. 2 At last count, there are more than motorcycle injured every year. If you have a general PI practice, you Will likely to represent a few…

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