What Are Birth Injuries And What Causes Them?

Can you imagine how many newborn babies are brought into the world each day? Across the globe, there’s an average of 360,000 births. Due to the frequency of childbirth, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that not every single birth goes as smoothly as planned. birth injuries Arizona
There are a number of birth injury types. Sometimes birth injuries are temporary, and other times they are permanent, lasting a lifetime. Symptoms often vary from one infant to another. Whereas one infant may have mild symptoms, the same injury may happen to a different infant and cause severe symptoms.

Sometimes children aren’t aware of their birth injury until they’re enrolled in school. Other times the symptoms for certain birth injuries are obvious immediately. The severity of symptoms and signs will greatly depend upon each child’s individual circumstances as well as the type of birth injury.

When an accident happens during the birthing process, the mother or the newborn could suffer an injury. What are the most commonly reported childbirth-related injuries, and what causes most of them? Find out the answers below.

Most Common Birth-Related Injuries to the Mother or Child

The process of birthing a child is more complicated than one would think, and there are a number of opportunities for a problem to arise. Here’s an overview of some of the most common types of birth-related injuries:

– Nerve injuries
– Brain injuries
– Broken bones
– Strangulation by the umbilical cord
– Cerebral palsy (caused by brain damage
– Horner Syndrome
– Death of the mother or stillbirth of the child

Thankfully, major birth-related injuries to the mother or child are uncommon compared to the vast number of births that occur daily. Despite that, mothers or children that are impacted by a birth-injury are often traumatized by the event.

What Causes Birth-Related Injuries?

Health care professionals are responsible for delivering your baby safely. Rarely, an injury is the result of unforeseen circumstances. More often, the doctor or nurse behaves in a manner that falls outside of the scope of reasonable care. This negligence usually directly causes the mother or baby’s injury. Here are a few negligent behaviors that can cause a birth-related injury:

– Unnoticed infections in the mother or fetus
– Improperly medicating the mother during pregnancy or delivery
– Improperly dating the fetus, which results in an unexpected delivery date
– Miscalculation of the size of the child
– Failure to monitor either the mother or child during delivery
– Failure to give oxygen to the newborn
– Failure to perform a C-section when medically necessary
– Improperly using delivery tools

Injuries from Delivery

Birth injuries that arise during delivery is a common occurrence. These types of injuries occur from the use of vacuum extractor or forceps, tools invented to assist in delivery. Other injuries from delivery may include administering the wrong medication, mishandling the infant, resulting in broken bones, lacerations, or skull fractures. Depending on how the physician handles the delivery, an infant may also experience injuries related to stress, high blood pressure, or hypertension.

If you or your child suffered an injury during childbirth, then your losses are likely substantial. Thankfully, there is legal recourse for victims. Consider pursuing a civil lawsuit against your doctor or the hospital to obtain your rightful compensation. No one deserves to suffer life-long consequences due to someone else’s negligence.

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